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Find out why web designers as well as business owners are calling Rey
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Too many plugins making the store slow, inconsistent and ugly?

With Rey theme, you will avoid all that.

The theme is so fully equipped, flexible and elegant that you likely won’t need to rely on many external plugins.

And even if you do, you can load up to dozens of plugins without having to deal with annoying bugs.

Here’s what Zoe Tame, Designer and Owner of VisualTonic said: 

“I’m pushing it beyond an e-commerce theme, installing like 50 plugins… and really, there are very few bugs. I think it’s a great product.”

So you see, unlike other WooCommerce themes, Rey Theme is the future of aesthetic websites without the WordPress bugs and integration headaches you usually have! 

Watch this honest review to discover why Rey theme is called the "game-changer"

10 Reasons why you should go with Rey theme if you want a hassle-free experience

All of our website demos are feature-rich and are designed keeping the project execution speed in mind, meaning you can make just a few edits and get the store up and running within a few hours!

Here are some of our key features:


Headers customized for eCommerce

Headers are usually an afterthought in most of the themes but not for us. 

Our headers are specifically customized for eCommerce, this means you get:

Plus you can build these headers easily with or without the need for columns using Flexbox powers!


Product catalog Teasers

This built-in feature makes it easier for you to hook in the visitors with curiosity bites and compelling story-telling which in turn also leads to a huge bump in conversions. 


Wow visitors with Blogs

Educating visitors on exciting things about your products and presenting use cases helps establish more trust with them, which leads to more sales coming in from the non-salesy parts of your website.  


Smart Search

Big eCommerce sites like Etsy and Amazon have a pretty robust smart search option that helps them in supercharging conversion rate. 

But you don’t have to worry about coding it because we have done all the hard work for you and included it in Rey, the best WooCommerce theme.

Just drag and drop into the website and see the magic happening! 



When you have a large catalog of products, it’s best to allow the visitors to view the product details without leaving the page – it adds to the sales because they are more likely to select more than one product utilizing the quickview feature. 


Ajax Filters

Consumers are getting pickier day by day, which is why providing them with the ease to add filters and search products according to THEIR choice has been proven to lead to more conversions…

And guess what?

Rey Theme helps you do that with its Ajax Filter feature which allows visitors to apply filters and browse products without reloading the page.


Custom Cart & Checkout Layout

The checkout process with Rey Theme is super customizable… and one of the features is having a progress breadcrumb showing customers at what stage they are in and a dedicated shipping step to choose.

This feature has been proven to increase the conversion by a whopping 30%! 


Professional Cart Side-Panel

Among the most important parts of a webstore – the shopping cart, is always accessible in one click and is made up of various utility modules, easily accessible, but most important, modules that can increase conversions through up-selling or encouraging the addition of more products for the benefit of delivery free of charge.


SEO Optimization & Performance

With increasing ad cost, it’s now more important than ever to have your SEO dialed in which is why our theme is 100% SEO optimized so the stores can rank better on organic search and get more customers. 

This website is actually built using Rey theme, and you’re welcome to test its performance at any time with benchmarking tools such as Page Speed Insights.


Pre-designed pages

It takes tons of testing to make sure your page is responsive on all platforms, fast to load, and is designed with the right conversion elements…

But you don’t have to worry about it because our demo websites have all been tested to the “tee”… 

Simply take any of our 14+ pre-designed templates, make some changes with a few clicks and publish your store within a few hours! 

You see, Rey Theme makes it easier to have whatever features you want without making your website buggy with plugins!

Customization on steroids (even if you don’t know coding!)

You read that right!

Rey Theme has a powerful integration with Elementor which provides you with tons of customization options and also makes it easier for you to edit websites according to your choice without writing a single line of code.

So if you’re a solo founder or running a one-man agency, you don’t have to worry about bringing in external coders! You have the best WooCommerce theme at your fingertips.

Bug-free, pre-designed aesthetic websites to get your store live within a few hours

We have 15 fresh and elegant pre-designed websites, just choose one that fits your brand needs and go LIVE within a few hours!

quick setup

One Click is all that’s needed to get up and running with this best WooCommerce theme!

We have a built-in wizard that allows you to install Rey Theme with just one click!
Yep, it’s that simple and fast to execute!

1) Register & Install Core companion
2) Import the pre-made store

Legendary Customer Support

Our team is not afraid to get in the trenches with you and solve your issues.
We love doing this! Look at what our customers have got to say about it:

Exciting Elementor features
to make your life easier

Our main aim is to make your life easier by providing you with customized drag-and-drop features that can help you improve your stores without writing a single line of code.

That’s exactly why we have a powerful integration with Elementor’s page builder.

Besides Elementor’s built-in features and the features mentioned above, here are just a few extra things you get with Rey:

Page Covers Builder

Get an instant WoW reaction from visitors by decorating your page’s front-most cover with breathtaking designs and typography. 

Multi-rows Section

In Elementor it’s not possible to have multiple rows in one section but with Rey Theme you can easily do it with no coding, have more creative freedom and use less markup by not nesting sections and columns. 

Footer Builder

Footer Builder

Most people scroll to the bottom of the page to get information quickly, so building out well-thought-out footers will help you show your content to the visitors in a nice, concise way.


Create instant pop-ups anywhere to offer discounts, request callback, or get email opt-ins.

WooCommerce features to make the store stand out from ordinary

With these features, you can make your WooCommerce store look like one of its kind!

Product Grid Layouts

You’re no longer required to use just one layout for your grids. Instead, you can use different ones that suit your needs. And the best part is we’re continuously adding new ones!

Product Page Layouts

Easily customize the product pages according to your content needs without coding.


WooCommerce Builder

Rey theme already contains hundreds of configuration options, but it also includes a professional tool for building product catalog pages or product pages, with Elementor, which makes the entire set to become more flexible by an order of magnitude.

Each widget and component contains various controls for easy configuration, offering the possibility to create layouts that can stand out.

In addition, we are working to add new pre-designed layouts, in order to facilitate building pages in just a few clicks.

What people are saying about Rey theme - the Premium WooCommerce theme

Great support, i had a very weird CSS problem related to WP Rocket. The support did not give up till the problem was identified and solved.
In the 7+yrs I have been using wordpress, this is by far the best looking commerce theme I have purchased. Rey is filled with a truckload of options in the customiser which don’t bloat the site. Hard to believe the theme is this light with so many options and really nice design touches. And great […]
The theme is of excellent quality and easy to use. Very clean code with comments and extensive documentation. It offers lots of demos and prebuilt items which are very easy to use. The major strength however is the quality of customer service and support. Questions are answered instantly and the developer offers help that sometimes […]
Great theme with a lot of customization possibilities, lot of functionalities and very fast loading. The answers I got to my questions/tickets was provided really fast and always in a very professional way (most of them was already in the theme documentation).
Great theme: customizable, well-coded and perfect for various needs. On top of this: greatest customer support I ever had.
Customer support is best! I have quickly received professional support for my questions. I like the Rey theme a lot because it looks good and has a lot of features. And customizable!
One of the most complete theme I’ve ever used: it’s customizable, well coded and has a lot of documentations. If docs aren’t enough, they have the best support team ever: available, quick, prepared and always ready to help when you need a hand.
Everything about this theme and support meet all the expectations they’ve set for it. The rave reviews I watched and read before purchase are all spot on. Looking forward to continuing to work with the many options this theme offers.
Big star to the support! Helpful and the themes is in world-class.
Incredibly flexible, high-quality, modern theme! I’ve been working with her for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. There are many new features with every update and the tech support is incredible. They answer during the day, listen to suggestions with pleasure and make additions at your request. I love them and this […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Rey relies on WooCommerce and Elementor as a page builder. Other plugins recommended throughout Rey are optional and non esential.

No, but it depends on the level of customisations you need. In most cases it’s just not needed.

No, no extra costs. The license is lifetime, while the included support is for 6 months since purchasing, with the posibility of paid renewals if ever in need.

Honestly, it’s a tough question as it depends on the requester location. We’re GMT +2 and we try covering all weekdays including Sunday.