The Top Luxury WordPress Theme Examples to Know

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Many may wonder what is the point of buying luxury items. After all, selling something nobody needs at an excessive price is an art in and of itself.

The truth is that people find a certain appeal in luxury brands. It makes them feel special and important. Also, they provide high quality, comfort, and style.

In the virtual world, things work the same way. If someone wants to boost his or her online business, good quality is not always enough. By providing luxury services, one can reach a whole new financial level.

Thus, with a luxury website, brands can offer products and services targeting audiences with the most exquisite tastes. These are usually the clients that are willing to pay more.

WordPress offers a wide variety of themes that combine different font styles with a varied color palette. Sometimes they include useful features, plugins, and subtle animations that help create a stylish layout.

With a luxury WordPress theme, it is possible to design a website worthy of first-class products. This article presents some of the top WordPress themes to build a sophisticated and elegant website.


Rey is the perfect WooCommerce theme for furniture, art, and design businesses. It is easy to set up thanks to its pre-built pages and templates. It is also compatible with the Elementor page builder, the most popular builder in the WordPress market.

This is the ideal theme for design professionals that want to sell luxury products and display them in a sober and clean layout.

Every online store needs the perfect balance between design and functionality. The platform should be beautiful without drawing attention away from the products. This kind of balance is possible thanks to Rey.

Your luxury products will be nicely displayed and visitors will be able to inspect them. With this luxury WordPress theme, it is possible to easily create a nice design to showcase your products.

Let’s check out some of Rey’s demos to see which one is best suited for your site:

Not convinced yet? Here’s a video review of Rey that will answer any of your questions:

If by any chance, Rey is not the luxury WooCommerce theme you were looking for, there are others below.


Turez is the best option for photo-based websites. Although originally set up for bridal gown products, it can be adapted to any luxury brand.

Whether you sell wedding products, cosmetics, or furniture, with Turez it’s possible to create the perfect online store.

The theme’s templates are designed for users to display large pictures. Hence, they can showcase their portfolio highlighting the beauty of their products.


This WordPress theme brings an innovative concept of luxury. With a contemporary design, Luxury offers a platform that can be adapted to different niches. It stands out from competitors thanks to its minimalistic style and a certain air of playfulness.

Its luxury elements, classy feel, and beautiful animations make Luxury attractive for many industries. It includes ten home page templates, wide customization options, a slider carousel, animated typing, and seven header styles.

SKT Luxury

SKT targets a specific niche. It’s designed mainly for jewelry online stores and other types of luxury products.

The demo version is set up as a high-end watch store. Yet, it can easily be customized to display all kinds of jewelry.

It comes in a free and premium version. Although the former offers a good option, the paid version unlocks much more possibilities.

Low-budget projects can still seize the opportunities of SKT Luxury’s free version. With this, users can access various functionalities and attractive pre-built templates.

Custom Made

Custom Made is also an excellent option to showcase jewelry and watches. It includes several ready-to-use templates to create a website quickly and hassle-free.

Also, admins can import three different pre-designed home pages. They don’t need coding knowledge as the theme is compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder.

This is one of the most stylish and modern WordPress themes, offering an elegant platform to display luxury products. It’s especially adaptable to ateliers, jewelry makers and sellers, and high-class watchmakers.


Kallyas targets a particular niche. It is a luxury WordPress theme specially designed for hotels and resorts.

The tourism industry is wide, but an important part of it is concentrated on luxury services. Many people choose to take a vacation in a 5-star hotel or a splendorous resort.

Kallyas is a WordPress theme offering several pre-built demos that can be imported with one click. It gives different sections where hotels can display their services.

They can showcase the different rooms with stunning pictures, describe the amenities, share social media photos, clients’ reviews, and more.


This is the perfect option for those who want to set up their site quickly. It includes a pre-built demo especially targeting the jewelry industry.

Users have different layouts to choose from. The first one features an attractive product grid, while the second one includes a slider. With the third one, store owners can use background videos. All three options offer a sophisticated design to boost one’s luxury brand.

Primrose also has a variety of page templates for different page types. This includes a blog section, blog entries, shop, and product pages.

This luxury WordPress theme is an excellent tool to highlight one’s products and stress a store’s strengths.


Qwery brings a modern style and is easy to set up. It comes with a live demo that users can import with a single click. Also, the download pack adds 30 other demos to choose from.

It is fully compatible with Elementor page builder, one of the most popular builders for WordPress sites. Thanks to Elementor, users can customize the site using drag-and-drop tools. Coding knowledge is not necessary.

This is a highly versatile theme with a wide color palette. Admins can edit any part of the site. These factors make Qwery highly customizable.

One of Qwery’s advantages is the ability to display one’s product with an elegant design. Users can choose among different portfolio templates to highlight their luxury inventory.


Tisara is specially designed for jewelry stores and fashion websites. It offers the elegance and taste that every luxury brand should have.

It includes 5 pre-built home pages and attractive designs for inner pages. Besides, it’s easy to customize using the Elementor page builder and Bootstrap framework.

With this WordPress theme, users can create a luxurious website. Also, with the WooCommerce integration, they can create a functioning online store.

Tisara is the perfect option to create a fully responsive and stylish website for luxury brands.


Reprizo includes the tools that any luxury theme should have. It brings a wide variety of home page layouts, pre-built headers, flexible color settings, and blog templates.

It targets mainly the jewelry and fashion industry with the perfect balance between elegance and originality.

Reprizo allows for an easy setup and provides seamless compatibilitywith many plugins. The most popular plugins compatible with Reprizo are Elementor, Essential Grid, MailChimp, Contact Form 7, and Slider Revolution.

Hotel Lux

This WordPress theme offers an excellent tool for hotels, resorts, and other accommodation businesses.

It is highly customizable with a wide variety of color ranges. For those who want a truly unique site, Hotel Lux brings many options. Users can edit the site intuitively with its drag-and-drop tools.

This luxury WordPress theme creates a special atmosphere thanks to its clean design and color combinations.

Smooth animation effects and slow zoom-in features provide a luxury feel to the site’s overall design. Lastly, Hotel Lux offers templates with large-sized images. Thus, hotel owners can showcase the rooms and amenities appealingly.

Jewelry & Watches Online Store

As its name indicates, this WordPress theme targets the jewelry and watchmaking industries. The theme features an attractive style that works very well with ateliers, fashion accessories, or jewelry design.

Store owners can choose from 7 pre-built home pages and 2 shop pages available in the download package.

The theme is compatible with the WPBakery page builder, which can help customize this site easily. Admins can also use custom widgets and shortcodes for streamlined customization.


Romeo is a luxury WordPress theme designed for top-class brands, especially in the fashion industry.

Its design is minimalistic and stylish allowing the store’s products to stand out. Also, users have access to a dashboard where they can customize the site exactly as they wish. It has unlimited combination possibilities for fonts and colors. It includes drag-and-drop tools for easier management.

This is the best WordPress theme for creative users that want a unique luxury eCommerce site.


Due to its minimalistic style, Sober is one of the best WordPress themes for luxury brands. Its clean and sophisticated layout works well for high-tech and digital products providers.

This theme includes smooth transition effects, unlimited color ranges, and a menu with multiple columns. Thanks to these features, Sober’s customization options are practically limitless.

Sober is WooCommerce ready, which means admins can set up and manage their online stores. They can also choose between 12 home page templates.

This theme’s elegance and simplicity are the perfect scenarios for one’s products to stand out in the luxury market.


Calluna is a WordPress theme that helps businesses create a stylish and fully functioning website. It includes premium plugins like Visual Composer and Master Slider. It is the perfect option for luxury hospitality brands.

Calluna comes with three pre-built layouts that are easy to import. They were created mainly for luxury and city hotels and adventure resorts.

Besides offering an elegant style, this theme also brings helpful tools. This includesAWE Booking Engine integration. Thanks to this, customers can book a room online and owners can manage transactions and payments.


Bijoux was designed for handmade crafts, but it can be adapted to any jewelry store. It comes with two demos and has very attractive designs.

It stands out thanks to its full-width designs. With such templates, product images look stunning and the visitor has plenty of space to rest the eyes.

This luxury WordPress theme can help one’s products to stand out.


This theme brings a stunning and elegant design. Its main color is dark, making it a great option for creative studios, ateliers, or design agencies.

It brings online-stored demos that work very well with an eCommerce platform.

Luxury Wine

The luxury market has room for more than just jewelry and fashion accessories. Customers can find furniture, clothes, high-tech devices, and more.

Luxury Wine is a responsive WordPress theme that features luxury wine brands. It is compatible with WPBakery, which allows for easier setup. Admins don’t necessarily need coding knowledge to create a stunning website.

With this option, retailers can offer their fine wine through a stylish and modern webpage. Thus, they can support their wine’s quality with powerful visual incentives and attractive pictures.

At the end of the day, luxury is about the client. A luxury product needs to make someone feel special. A tasteful and customer-focused design can boost a brand to success.

Pablo Guadi

Pablo Guadi is a stylish theme that targets the jewelry industry. It is the ideal theme to showcase handcrafted accessories.

The theme includes different portfolio templates and an Instagram widget. This widget displays the Instagram feed pictures in a nice-looking way. This strategy not only helps promote products but also boosts the Instagram profile. Store owners will be able to generate stronger engagement and gather more followers.

Since it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce, Pablo Guadi is an excellent theme to showcase luxury items.


Chandelier is a flexible WordPress theme that works with a variety of product types. It includes sets of page layouts: beauty collection, vintage collection, and light collection.

Covering all the needs of an eCommerce store, Chandelier comes with different templates. Users can find pre-designed shop, product, and blog pages.

Chandelier is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. Hence, shop owners can sell products online safely.

Soho Hotel

Soho Hotel’s color scheme presents a contrast between light and dark colors. This contrast gives the layout a unique luxury feeling.

This luxury WordPress theme features the basic tools and design concepts for every hotel website. It boasts a simple booking system and many features that make it the best option for this type of business.

It also has a full-width slider with a minimal design. This theme provides an informative and intuitive platform for clients to choose their accommodation, book a room, or explore the hotel’s options.


Nitro offers a nice-looking and modern design, targeting mainly first-class jewelry items. An online retailer can highlight his or her products with the home page’s large slideshow. Here, they can also display offers and featured products.

With Nitro, one can create a website easily. This is because it includes a wide library of ready-to-use templates. Any of these is a good option for admins to display their pieces of jewelry.

For those who need to start the business quickly, Nitro offers a pre-built demo.


This theme offers a comprehensive solution to build a functioning and stylish luxury website. Thanks to its pre-built demos, admins can design the website hassle-free.

Each of these demos includes a variety of page layouts to be used as home or inner pages. These templates are the perfect scenario to showcase high-end products.

Although it has many pre-built options, Prospero allows deep customization. This luxury WordPress theme is fully editable.

Admins have access to a first-class page builder and a variety of theme options. Thanks to this, Prospero offers the perfect balance between ease of use and flexibility.

Ending thoughts on these luxury WordPress theme examples

Merchants that want to offer luxury services or goods need to understand their niche. Why would somebody pay a lot of money for a product that he or she could get somewhere else?

The whole point of luxury products is that the customer feels special while acquiring them. It makes them feel they can access something that others can’t. Sometimes, they might feel like they belong to an exclusive circle.

Luxury products span different industries. These include clothes, jewelry, furniture, real estate, hotels and resorts, high-tech products, cars, etc. But even if they serve different purposes, they share common features.

Luxury products are supposed to provide quality, comfort, style, and exclusivity. And any website that strives to sell such products, needs to consider these parameters.

Hence, it becomes vital to find a luxury WordPress theme. The theme should provide a luxury style while offering the basic features for an online store.

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