There is a reason this theme has a 5.00 rating. Not 4.8, 4.95. Five with two zeros. It is one of the best e-commerce themes available to this day.

Its composition is thought through and action packed, without overcomplicating the UI. You are able to navigate this theme easier than some of the basic yearly wp themes.

Unparalleled customer support. You want to know you sets the bar for customer support? Marius does. You will not be able to create a problem this man cannot solve. Whether your question is as green as your own front lawn or the most experienced queries, he will answer them with the same simple, easy to understand responses.

This is not someone’s work that they built because they needed the money. Evident by its existence they built this because they believed they could create something which would change the ecommerce game in WordPress.

If you even question whether you should buy it they answer is a resounding yes. Spend the money and do ecommerce the way it was always meant to be done.