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  • London

    Classy, urban clothing, fashion.

    London Demo
    London Demo - Alternative Homepage
  • Valencia

    Classy, catalogue, furniture, interiors.

    Valencia Demo
  • Amsterdam

    Stylish, urban, sports, fashion, shoes.

    Amsterdam Demo
  • Beijing

    Minimal, classy, furniture, interiors.

    Beijing Demo
  • Tokyo

    Minimal, urban clothing, fashion.

    Tokyo Demo
    Tokyo Demo - Alternative homepage
  • Melbourne

    Urban, backpacks, travel, camping.

    Melbourne Demo
  • Milano

    Minimal, elegant clothing, fashion.

    Milano Demo
  • New York

    Minimal, urban clothing, fashion.

    New York Demo
  • Paris

    Minimal, luxury, jewelry, fashion.

    Paris Demo
  • Stockholm

    Artist, freelancer, painting, art, minimal.

    Stockholm Demo
  • Frankfurt

    Minimal, luxury, furniture, interiors.

    Frankfurt Demo
  • Athens

    Minimal, clothing, fashion, apparel.

    Athens Demo
  • Santiago

    Minimal, pastel, lighting, electronics.

    Santiago Demo
  • San Francisco NEW

    Minimal, gadgets, clean, electronics.

    San Francisco Demo
  • Oslo NEW

    Minimal, clothing, apparel, shoes, fashion.

    Oslo Demo
  • Boston NEW

    Clean, minimal, gym, fitness, sports.

    Boston Demo
  • Monaco

    Coming soon!

    Monaco Demo

Quality & Unit Test

WordPress default, no plugins, just unit test data.

This is a quality assurance demonstration to showcase WordPress and the Gutenberg editor.

Shop pages

Product pages

Features section background


Experience design, performance and innovation like never before, taking your immersion to the next level through powerful integrations into Elementor, WooCommerce and WordPress' sophisticated engine.

Best WooCommerce Theme in 2020?

Rey Theme - Setup Wizard

Setup Wizard

Easy setup for requirements and dependencies.

Rey Theme - Demo data import

Demo Import

Seamlessly insert data for rapid customisations with plugin dependency management.

Rey Theme - Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Keep your website up to date.

Clean, lightweight & highly modular

Rey Theme - Font Preloader

Font Preloader

A single source of truth for your Google and Adobe fonts, avoiding performance hiccups.

Rey Theme - Modularity


Load and unload various built-in functionalities with ease. The general principle - only load what’s in use.

Rey Theme - Developer friendly

Developer friendly

Love coding? Awesome, so do i! Easily extend functionalities with hooks and built-in features.

Rey Theme - Built for the future

Built for the future

Because we need to work and think ahead.

Rey Theme - SEO friendly

SEO friendly

Clean markup following web standards.

Rey Theme - Built-in SVG support

Built-in SVG support

Insert those lovely crisp and colored vector images.


Drag. Drop. Tweak. Repeat.

Start drawing code [visually] with the most powerful, popular and beloved page builder.
Beside Elementor’s built-in features , here’s Rey’s extra spices:

Global Sections Everywhere

Append Elementor page builder content everywhere in the page,
or throughout your website.

Header Builder.

Build headers easy, with or without the need of columns, inline using Flexbox powers.

Footer Builder.

Fill your footer with any widget you want, to show off content in the entire website.

Page Covers Builder.

Decorate any page’s intro part with delightful typography and imagry.

Mega Menu Panel Builder.

Display complex navigations with ease, accompanying menus with images and other widgets.

In-between areas.

Append page builder content everywhere in the page, either in or outside the main container, before or after them.

Rey Theme - Entrance animations

Entrance animations

Smooth page load & scroll entrance animations to impress your visitors. See example.

Rey Theme - Unique Cover Elements Bob Ross - Beauty is everywhere

Unique Cover Elements

Hand-coded slideshows to make your website unique and out of the ordinary.

Rey Theme - Multi-rows Section

Multi-rows Section

Elementor’s missing feature is a built-in Rey feature. Display section’s columns as rows, avoiding redundant markup , yet adding flexibility.

Rey Theme - Modals


Add page builder content in modals, in page or everywhere in your website.

Rey Theme - Tabs


Insert page builder content in flexible multi-tabs display.

Rey Theme - Elements variety

Elements variety

There are tons of elements (Elementor widgets) that should cover almost any generic site needs.


The WordPress standard for ecommerce.

With over 74 milion downloads, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores.

Rey Theme - Product Grid Layouts

Product Grid Layouts

Customize the products grid with various layouts that fit your content. Awesome layouts coming soon!

Rey Theme - Gallery Layouts

Gallery Layouts

Using a single image? Ok! Using multiple images? Awesome! Product galleries for any situation.

Rey Theme - Ajax Search

Ajax Search

Smooth instant search for products.

Rey Theme - Ajax Filters

Ajax Filters

Browse products without reloading page.

Rey Theme - Product Page Layouts

Product Page Layouts

Spoil your product’s pages with flexibility and ability for adding custom content.

Rey Theme - QuickView


Take a peek at the product' info, without leaving the shop catalogue.

Rey Theme - Product Variations

Product Variations

Product listing & product page ready for product’ variations and custom attributes.

Rey Theme - Ajax Navigation

Ajax Navigation

Built in Rey you’ll be able to choose either paged navigation, load more (infinite loading) or load more on scroll (infinite loading)

Other features worth mentioning:

  • Functional Classy Blog
  • Multilanguage Ready
  • Customizer Ready
  • Google fonts integration
  • Adobe fonts integration
  • Premium Plugins
  • Responsive (obviously!)
  • Maintainance mode
  • Child theme

Featured on:

  • CodeInWP
  • ThemeForest
  • CSSLight
  • And more soon!
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PS: I have many, many great ideas i want to implement in Rey as soon as possible,
from stunning layouts to useful features.

If you have ideas too, do let me know! Thanks!!